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This site is just an attempt to document what I do and share what I learnt back to the community. Usefulness of this site would be pure coincidence and I do not guarantee you will not stab yourself in the face with a pencil after reading some of the content.

Contact informations

I want to send you naked picture of my hamster, is that possible?

Yes, please use the following PGP key id: BEAA98D2
The fingerprint is: 9981 FE84 9AD5 6165 4E0E 8E06 F21B 7A14 BEAA 98D2

What if my religion forbids me to use PGP?

You can contact me at: den [at] <domain_name_of_this_website>

I love annoying and boring twitter accounts, what is yours?


I find your programming language choice ridiculous, coding convention disgusting and project idea frivolous. Where can I get more?

I guess you can open tickets there to complain: https://github.com/haxelion

I'm too old skool for twitter, I hate writing emails and github renders badly on lynx, what can I do?

I'm haxe on freenode or hackint, please stop asking questions now.

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